A Green and Healthy Ride

The invention of the wheel brought huge technological advancement to human beings. It even leads to the invention of automobiles that help shape the world we know today. What if automobiles weren’t invented? Would we still have a world literally shaped for the movement of cars? Every city today is filled with wide roads and highways that act as veins connecting every city and supports the life and business aspect of every dwelling it connects. Clearly, cars a part of our lives and there is nothing to do in order to take them away.

priusToWithout cars it would be impossible to just leave all the traveling capabilities to buses and trains. Everything will be clogged up and it would just be inappropriate and dysfunctional. With all the possible advantages of having cars to use in our daily lives, it also has all disadvantages namely one thing that is killing the world we live in, pollution. Traffic jams aren’t only popular in first world countries, but experienced in almost every urban settlement there is today! Making cars the number one polluting contributor to the whole world!

That is why it is important for people to change to better cars that don’t have that polluting capability. These are called green cars, because of the fact that they consume less gas which means they pollute less. Not only they help make the world a cleaner place to live in, they are also healthy for our health. Now people can inhale less dangerous gases that contribute so much to health problems. Having an eco-friendly car can easily lessen the use of fossil fuel, which is getting really scarce by the decade. One of the best cars today would be from Japan. These Japanese Cars have proven their worth on the green side of automobile design, especially the Toyota Prius.

Choosing the right green car does not only help the planet become a healthier place to live in. It also helps people save money on their fuel budget in a month. Why would people drive these fossil fuels chugging cars of they can have the option of buying hybrids that help the world become a better place to live in.

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