Alterations in the Toyota Harrier 2014 car model


Toyota authoritatively revealed in Japan the Toyota Harrier 2014 car model, which is basically a rebadged edition of the Lexus RX. The new model of Toyota, with its unique design and groundbreaking new features, aims to go beyond even the high anticipations built up by earlier models. The Harrier has constructed a strong product image while establishing the high-end crossover sport utility vehicle. Recognized for its sophisticated technologies and features, the Harrier was the first car to use the proprietary Pre-collision System of Toyota. In keeping with this inheritance, Toyota has prepared some of its most sophisticated proprietary safety technologies accessible on the new Harrier.

harrierGeneral alterations

The new Toyota Harrier will be put up for sale absolutely in Japan. In contrast with the Lexus RX, the new and improved Toyota Harrier has got considerably changed front cover, with large air vents, a pair of striking tinted headlamps, and glossy transparent plastic grate. Behind all of these alterations, there will be some minor changes in the taillights and spoiler positioned on the roof.

The interior and exterior are bespoke, not a simple rebadged of the RX. The interior features the most modern design cues of Toyota, such as joypad-like steering wheel keys and slim air conditioned vents. The eagle emblem of the new Toyota Harrier is nearly as famous as the Toyota emblem, being employed on the nose of the vehicle, including imprinted into the leather on the door tags.

The compartment is quiet, as suits a high-end car, while the improved suspension and aerodynamic performance carry a greater driving stability and a comfortable ride. With a stylish, aerodynamic exterior and an interior that poises excellent craftsmanship with current utility, the styling of the Harrier is groundbreaking and unique.


The new model comes with a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine and mated to a continuously variable transmission sending power to a two-wheel drive as standard or an optional four-wheel drive system. The engine offers the maximum power output of 151 HP and a maximum torque of 193 Nm. The engine enables the vehicle to have a fuel consumption of 16 km per liter.

The manufacturer simultaneously releases the 2014 Hybrid model that comes with a 2.5-liter engine and hybrid system. The engine that is combined with an electric motor, offers the maximum power output of 196 HP and a maximum torque of 206 Nm. It maintains the feature power of a sport utility vehicle at the same time as attaining the class-leading ecological performance and fuel competence of 21.8 km per liter. The manufacturer mentions that the new Harrier Hybrid will exclusively be put up for sale with the four-wheel drive arrangement.


The new model of Toyota comes with seven external colors, as well as five unique gloomy shades. The inside of the new model is available in three colors. By using the recently developed Deep Bordeaux shade on the upper part of the appliance board adds a vivacious accent.


The 2014 Toyota Harrier car model will be available with a base price of 2,720,000 JPY for the standard model and the hybrid model will be available with a base price of 3,610,000 JPY.

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