DUI Lawyers: What are they good for?

DUI LawyersThese days, television and internet media has brought the world closer to an extent that every other day one hears or sees events happening around the world. Moreover, we also hear about drink driving and accidents happening as a result of it. So let us review in depth what drinking under-the-influence (DUI) is.

The term DUI is reserved for someone who had way too much to drink such as alcoholic beverages and excessive drugs to an extent that renders them incapable of controlling and operating their motor vehicle safely. An offence committed while DUI can result in criminal charges. However, the term of the crime varies from one jurisdiction to another, and between legal and colloquial terminology. Other terminologies include drink driving, drunk driving, etc., etc. Furthermore, with alcohol, the level of intoxication by a drunk driver can be measurement by blood alcohol-content or BAC. A result of BAC reading above a particular threshold level, for example 0.05% or 0.08%, determines the criminal offense without the need to actually prove impairment. However, in other jurisdictions, the offense has an aggravated degree, at a rather higher B.A.C level, such as 0.12%.

In a majority of countries if anyone is condemned of harming or committing murder while under alcohol or some other drugs it can result in hefty fines on top of being slapped with a prison sentence. That is where the Drink Driving lawyers come in.

What the DUI Lawyers can do for you.

To put it in perspective, the legal system is tailored in such a way that, when it comes to crimes it is not an easy task to defend yourself no matter how brilliant you are. It is simply impossible to do so. This is because no one criminal case is precisely alike. The criminal defense lawyers such as DUI lawyers are trained to cherry pick special bits and pieces of each case that make them unique. In short here are some examples of tasks that a criminal defense lawyer would do for you.

  • A criminal defense lawyer wears many hats. From calling the witnesses in your defense to cross-examining witnesses that the prosecution brings forward.
  • Your defense lawyer will also try to work along with you while the prosecutor tries to negotiate a “deal.” These deals are called “plea bargains” can often result in reduced potential sentence or even reduce some or all of the charges pressed against you.
  • One should also keep in mind; prosecutors are often difficult to deal with when it comes down to negotiating with defendants that represent themselves.
  • If you are found guilty, your criminal defense attorney will help you negotiate an appropriate sentence that works for you in the criminal justice system.
  • To summarize a good criminal defense lawyer in Australia will work on your case and find loopholes in the prosecution to defend your case.

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