Buying a brand new car is so exciting. Going to those showrooms, looking at gleaming cars displayed there, getting in one of your top picks and maybe being allowed to test drive it are some of the things which will make most grown men and even quite a lot of women drool.

You may not know or believe it yet but some of the best cars that have been seen are made in Japan by Japanese manufacturers.

Take the 1966 Toyota Corolla, which sold like hot pancakes when it was released in the US. This is one of the most reliable cars ever made albeit the fact that it is not the prettiest. Then there’s Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution which is not just stylish but also boasts of really good performance. Honda Civic is quite ubiquitous in the country today but that’s because it is one of the most comfortable, reliable and refine cars in the whole world. And who could ever forget Toyota’s 1967 2000GT? If it was good enough for James Bond, then you will surely love this car.

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