Nissan 370Z: Refined And Worth Checking Out

For years, Nissan has dominated the car manufacturing industry, and this is not surprising for every time they unveil a car, it is as good as the last one. Now, with one of their own the Nissan 370Z having been making the headlines for all the right reasons, it is obvious a number of car lovers will want to know the specifications and prices of this amazing machine. If lately you have been combing through every resource looking for reviews on this Nissan machine, check out the following. nissan370z

Heralded by many critics as the car of the century, this has not come as a surprise for every detail about the car has been refined from other versions. Available in convertible and coupe models, this car has been incredibly crafted and its execution is very much like the 350Z; however, it comes with some few differences. The styling is modern, breathtaking and NISMO variant has been included. However, the same proportion is still the same as the old version.

The impressively done base will also not go unmentioned; coupled with rev-matching manual transmission; the car will give you nothing but sheer power. After all, excellent grip, brisk acceleration and well balanced chassis will effectively give you superb interaction when you are on a very spirited drive. If you compare this model between true sports cars and those grand touring car models, this model from Nissan is powerful and nimble. Although, the dual nature bring some little comprises, the car is still hard driven and incredibly rewarding.

Additionally, other outstanding features that come with the car include rear-wheel driven, front-mid engine, 332 horsepower. Apart from that, the driver can also choose between 6-spedd manual transmission and 7-spedd automatic that comes complete with steering wheel-mounted shifters. In short, the designers have actually added a very strong dose when it comes to race-inspired aggression just right on the aerodynamic and larger tires. At the end, the design and styling is a clear indication of a car that has been designed for high performance.

So if you have been looking for the specifications and prices of the Nissan 370Z, now you have it. In fact, the above reviews will help decide if this is the car for you. All in all, with around $29,000 to $30,000 you can get the chance of owning this model. The company has retained the same old look, but this has been done in a more modern way. The car is clean and fast and anyone will fall in love with it.

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