ACANDI – A Name Your Can Trust

AC&I is a name to trust when it comes to supplying essential infrastructure or communications for systems that were planned by others and our services include project management, design, procurement and maintenance of turnkey projects. We work hard to provide what our clients need.

tower-infrastructureIt is also our business to provide tower infrastructure services for new business and we work hard to contribute to the tower economics of these new businesses and help them manage and control saturation and instead provide space for growth for the market as well as its maturity.

While we assure our clients to get what they exactly need, we are with them all the way, as we help them build, manage and operate their network systems and we are simply with them during implementation and testing periods. We stand-by our dedications in our works and the high quality of services we offer for all of our valued clients.

Besides answering and meeting the needs of our clients, we see to it that our services meet the standards and the maintenance requirements while helping our clients maintain sustainable expenditures for all of their infrastructures solutions. These infrastructures are divided into two categories including ground structures services like permanent and temporary towers, masts, huts, security, and roads, while our Air structures infrastructures include environment monitoring, emergency services, Telco channel antennas and dishes, and radio communications, and air traffic guide.

Our company is one among the top choice of clients who want to establish solid background properties for their mining operations and for those who need to establish mine rehabilitation system for their mining projects. We basically provide solutions for these clients who want to ensure the viability of their mining projects. We provide environmental monitoring services in order to ensure mining operators to establish their pre-development mining infrastructures.

We undertake the necessary environment as well as site monitoring as we collect data and provide analysis services.

It is also part of our services to provide in-house consultation for those in the telecommunication industry. We guarantee to provide design as well as procurement services to meet high-end communication needs of new businesses such as broadband, microwave, VHF and UHF towers. We also take pride in providing radio and TV communication system for different industries such as mining, aviation, marine, etc. We are also capable of providing telecommunication infrastructures to government or private individuals.

Our company may not be among the industry’s pioneers but we have slowly built a strong clients’ support and as we  opt to stay longer in the industry, we’re getting stronger support from the different industries that basically need high standard infrastructures services that we efficiently  provides.

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