Common air suspension problems

airsuspensionAchieving smooth and constant ride quality is the main purpose of air suspension plus the ability of the vehicle for self-leveling. An air spring is used to replace the conventional steel springs and for heavy vehicles like trucks and buses.  The application and installation of air bags system varies in different models and makes however, the same principle is employed. The suspension can be adjusted, tilted to side-to-side or front-to-back. The driver can have great maneuver even in obstacles or in inconsistencies in paved surfaces. With great suspension power, quality ride and maximum vehicle performance is easily achieved.

However, there are common air suspensions problems that need attention and by simply knowing some will help you steer your car off clean. Let’s know these:

Air bag failure

Common causes include moisture accumulating inside the air bag. Another cause is old age and when the rubber dries out. Punctures from debris on the road can also cause air bag failure. Improper installation may also cause air bag failure and over-extension of air spring causing damage to other parts of the suspension including shock absorber. Tear in the shock absorber’s layer can also cause the air bag to malfunction.

Compressor failure

If your 4 wheel drive air suspension has leaks, compressor failure may likely surface. This is caused by the moisture coming from the air system leaks that comes in contact with the electronic parts. The usual cause is buying and using compressor with low specification or cheap compressor with insufficient duty cycle.

Dryer failure

This happens when the drier becomes saturated and it failed to remove moisture from the air system. The accumulated moisture will cause the compressor to burn out.

Air line failure

This occurs during the first fitting or when rarely used. The usual cause is buying low quality components. If you happen to buy a pedder air bag kits, make sure to use high quality as these fittings are used to connect component parts to the air line.

Knowing the suspension problems and issues could give you some hints of what to do and should do when you “feel” like your suspension is having the trouble. However, it is best to do some cautions in doing the diagnosis as the specific problem may be different from your own diagnosis especially if you are not a professional of that field and having a expert mechanic with complete tools for diagnosis doing the final diagnosis is still the best option.

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