Motorcycle Battery Tips

The battery is a very important component of a motorcycle. It starts the engine. It supplies electricity not only to the starter but every part that needs this energy like the headlights, tail lights, flashers, horn,  gauges, engine control unit, even the anti-lock braking systems, traction control, and alarm. We will not even begin to mention the accessories that you put on the bike. Of course, the alternator keeps the battery charged, but it’s the engine that runs it. The bike simply will not start without the motorcycle battery.

motobikeMotorbikes give you a sense of freedom because of the rider is exposed to the elements like the sun, the wind, and rain. With that freedom comes the reality of Mother Nature, weather. No matter how much you love riding your bike, there are times or seasons when the weather will not let you. The winter season is the time when your motorcycle has to stay in the garage. Riding will not be safe in the snow. This is when motorcycle batteries have to be given attention. In fact, taking care of your motorcycle’s battery is one of the habits that you should learn as a motorcyclist, be it summer, fall, spring or winter.

Taking care of the battery can be challenging for some, especially when you consider that there are some motorcycles that make access to this component very difficult. With the right mindset and the owner’s manual, getting to the battery will be much easier. A rider also has to bear in mind that a neglected battery will only last a few months while a well-maintained one will keep going for years. Nobody wants to be pushing a motorcycle down the road when the battery fails, or keep buying a new one every few months.

Once you have access to the battery, a visual inspection is in order. Check the terminals; if dirty, clean them. Dirt and corrosion will result to a non-starting bike. Make sure the terminal connectors are wound tightly. Check for leaks if you are using a wet battery; in case there are, find out if the casing is cracked. Check the electrolyte levels and top up if necessary. If you won’t be using the motorcycle for more than a week, keep the battery charged using a battery tender.

Following these tips will ensure that you will have trouble-free rides. You will not need to jumpstart the motorcycle. On a side note, these tips can be applied on jetski batteries, too.

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