The Architecture Behind Radio Towers

Communication systems design is perhaps one of the essential aspects when building a radio tower because without the proper design, no matter how well made the radio tower is, its whole essence may not be properly carried out.

radiotowerRadio towers are really high structures that are created to hold antennas that are also called aerials. Their purpose is for telecommunications and broadcasting which includes almost everybody’s pastime, which is television.

It is a very innovative idea that radio towers are made to support the need of the functions of our mobile phones and makes it possible for television and radio to reach all the masses as well.  A radio tower is one of the highest structures created by men, and Warsaw Radio Mast was the highest structure in the entire world before it collapsed on August 8, 1991.  Since Warsaw Radio Mast fell down, now it is the KVLY/KTHI-TV that is considered the tallest structure in the world.

There are many radio antenna towers all over the world because they are very important for communication of all sorts, and in the US alone it is mentioned that there are already about 50 of these which are 600 meters or 1,968.5 ft high, and some are even higher.

What comprises a radio tower?

A radio tower is composed of the following materials:

  • Steel Lattice that gives an enormous strength as well as it provides wind resistance and makes the weight a lot less.

  • Tubular Steel which protects the cables and other materials inside the tube

  • Reinforced Concrete allows mechanical stiffness in the presence of tough winds

  • Fiberglass and other materials are used for non directional signals

Some tips when building a tower

It is recommended to use a guyed mast because it is more cost effective than a self-supporting tower, but when using a guyed mast, you will need a big piece of land so you can set up the necessary structure such as the set of guys.  For this, it is best that this kind of radio tower be built in a rural area because lands there are much cheaper than in urban areas.

Another tip is to use a steel lattice tower than a concrete tower because it is more economical, but the use of concrete towers though can allow you to have creative designs.

An interesting information about antenna masts is that they are usually named after the company that is using it or the city where they are in.

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