Things to Consider When Making Evacuation Plan for Emergencies

When you know what to do and where to go during emergency save lives. Every home and office should have an evacuation plan as part of fire maintenance to ensure everybody’s safety long after the evacuation. In planning an effective evacuation plan, there are some things to consider and here are some of them to help office and home managers create a useful and responsive evacuation plan.


emergencyplanAn evacuation plan should consider who are to be evacuated. Children and the elderly should be given priority during evacuation. Women should be given with special attention as well as persons with disability or with special needs such as pregnant women.  During a fire emergency, a fire maintenance and evacuation plan should specify these occupants as the first on the line during evacuation.


An evacuation plan should have already determined the best time to evacuate. The plan should include forewarning signs when it’s the time to go. Fire maintenance Sydney reminds people that time is very crucial during emergency and often times it’s the key in saving lives and properties. In most cases, they have witnessed how acting quick and fast saves more lives and minimizes damages.

Where to go

A responsive fire maintenance and evacuation plan has instructions where to go in evacuation during emergency. There should be detailed map of the nearest evacuation place and there should be more than one in case the nearest is not appropriate or not safe. The place to go should be at nearest and easy to access.

What to take

Evacuation means transferring to a safer place and may or may have provisions for food, safe drinking water and medicines. An evacuation meal packs wherein a provision for at least three days should be at hand. In case of fire, instructions should be given on who should secure important document and where to find them. Consider to appoint the one who can act quickly and knows the place well. It is also important to take note where the fire protection devices are such as fire blankets, fire extinguishers and flash lights.

Trainings/fire drills

A responsive evacuation plan also provides for trainings or fire drills for all occupants in order to ensure they know how to act in case there will be an emergency evacuation. Children should be taught how to be familiar with such situation in order to avoid shocks and confusions.

Emergency evacuation could be a frightening experience during an emergency however with an evacuation plan, everyone is taught how to be calm and act accordingly in order to secure everybody into safety and therefore saves lives.

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