Suspension Modifications that You can Do Yourself

It is a well-known fact that factory engineers take a long time to tune a stock car’s suspension, seeing to it that they find the best balance between ride and handling. What most people do not know is that there are other considerations like cost limitations and what the average driver would expect from the car’s ride quality; even a Mercedes suspension is not an exception. For the driver who wants the best cornering characteristics, it is better to modify the suspension on your own. Here are some components that you can install yourself, though it might take some muscle, a decent garage, and some large, heavy-duty tools.

Wheels and Tires

suspensionBPerformance wheels and tires are very important suspension modifications, especially the tires. Aftermarket rubbers are made of softer compounds and better tread patterns to improve traction, which is vital if you are looking for improved cornering. If your car is running on better tires, expect a big improvement not only in cornering but in safety as well. Go for bigger wheels to improve ventilation of the brakes. Make sure that the wheels and tires fit well together and they should fit the wheel well perfectly, too. This way, there is no chance for the tires to rub against the fenders.


Just remember, it actually means coil-over-springs so you can imagine the coil spring wrapped around the shock absorber. This is the common setup of factory cars right now, but those sets are tuned for cost savings and comfort, not performance. You can upgrade them to performance coilovers. Bear in mind that they should have the coil and the spring. In addition, some performance coilovers are adjustable. These aftermarket components may be focused on improved handling but most of them also improve the stock ride quality. The same thing can be said about racing coilovers provided that they are tuned correctly.

Strut Tower Brace

This is probably one of the most underrated suspension upgrades but they are very effective in increasing the car’s rigidity. The car becomes more responsive and tighter. What’s more interesting is that they are not expensive. There are braces for the upper strut, lower strut for the front and rear suspension so you can go from moderate to extreme suspension tuning. For sure, even your 4×4 suspension will benefit.

The combination of the wheels, tires, coilovers and strut tower braces will make your ride feel like a new car.

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