Top Luxury Cars in Japan That Are Worth Your Saving

For an industry that has probably seen the best of the best molded before being made available, in the near future, choosing a luxury car is going to be practically difficult for you would easily be spoil for choice. If luxury cars excite you and give you a kind of loyalty, then you better be ready to be tempted by these 5 top luxury cars in Japan.

Acura TSX

For years, Honda has been Japan’s sweetheart and the introduction of one of their own, Acura TSX, is definitely a great addition to the list of the Japanese finest. It is super stylish and is sure to make a lot of heads turn. Its elegant interior and ridiculous high performance are a few of the features drivers of this beast can net. This is where efficient meets great performance. I love it

Infiniti MS35

Told to describe this ride, I would say it is a true definition of elegance and efficiency. Infiniti MS35 is currently a darling when it comes to some of the best Japanese luxury cars. Coming fully equipped with some of the best safety technologies, automatic guidance and active noise control what else would you possibly call it. It is just the best and worth checking out.

Lexus LSLexus_LS

Looking at the design of this machine, it is evident, this is one of the nicest car technologies ever created. This Lexus flagship is currently one of the most formidable Japanese luxury models produced anywhere. Its presentation is outstanding; it exhumes quality and the actual time it took the designers to piece this technology together. It is ridiculously versatile and has been presented on ultra-luxurious long wheelbase and performance-oriented F Sport formats.

Infiniti Q70

Formerly known as Infiniti M, it is amazing how this car has managed to send shock waves across the entire industry. Just to mention a few, it is powerful, elegant, comfortable and luxurious. In short, looking at all the good things you can net from this machine, it is one of those cars anyone would kill to have.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Following the huge dominance Toyota has over the years had over the car industry, when you talk of top luxury cars in Japan, actually, your list would not be complete if you do not mention one of their own. It is because Toyota Camry Hybrid can easily give you all the benefits of a luxury car at an economical price that this car has become one of the most talked about and sold like hot cakes.

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